I can’t say enough about Patterson Restoration their team! Very fast response time. Hunter Booth showed up at my home after my garbage disposal went haywire and not only flooded my whole apartment but the one below it as well.
He explained in great detail , step by step what I was to expect and was without a doubt, the most helpful and correspondent throughout this ordeal.
I feel extremely lucky to have received Patterson Restoration as the company taking care of me and my concerns as well as my home.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! 5 stars hands down. Couldn’t be any more thrilled and happier with their service.

Ashton Rivera

We had water damage from our upstairs bathtub into our kitchen ceiling and walls. Patterson was amazing working with us and insurance making sure the process went as smooth as possible and remained in the parameters of the insurance estimate. They even had even had an issue with our supervisor not responding to us mid repairs for days and they escalated the issue and immediately reassigned to another supervisor who went above and beyond to take care of us ASAP. I was shocked with how well they handled this issue as it certainly was a nail in the coffin and I was holding the hammer ready to swing. They gained all my future business, not only based on the amazing repair job they did, but based on how management handled the employment issue internally to not disrupt the quality of customer service they pride themselves in.

Jim K.

Patterson Restoration did a spectacular job helping me with the removal of my water damaged property. Hunter Booth the lead on the crew walked me through step by step on what he was doing and helped me file with my insurance company. I had never had a water heater leak and destroy so much before. His help along with his co-workers (Jon and Joe) did a great job and I highly recommend them.

They were diligent in getting the job done and answered every and any questions I had while being flexible with my hours I was available.

If you have damage to your property, you cannot go wrong with Patterson Restoration. I reiterate in highly recommending them.

T V.

Patterson Restoration has gone above and beyond to assure that my leaky water heater was fixed and explained everything that I was to expect from beginning to end!!! Hunter and his team were beyond satisfactory and would recommend them to anyone who is going though something similar! Five stars.. hands down a wonderful experience through what I thought was going to be a grueling, frustrating process! Thank you again Patterson Restoration!!!

Alexandria A.

John recently did some work for us, being called out during off-hours on the weekend. He was professional and friendly, and completed the work to our satisfaction. Would definitely recommend to others!

Barbara S.

I had John T out of my house and he treated me right I would highly recommend this company and John to any and all my friends and family

Jeremy L.