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Emergency Water Removal and Restoration Services in Phoenix, AZ

When faced with water damage, fast action is important. The longer carpet, drywall, or any other building materials stay wet, the worse the damage gets. After making the first call, response time is immediate and a water damage crew arrives in 60 minutes or less (most cases) to get started with the restoration. We take mold and water damage seriously. We help cleanup the damage and get your life back to normal quickly.

Patterson Restoration serves Phoenix and surrounding cities and has hundreds of successful drying projects on our resume. Our crews are equipped to handle any water loss situation. For your convenience, we’re ready and available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. No matter how your property flooded, our water damage restoration service is everything you’ll need to get things back in to a pre-loss condition.

Without the proper skills and equipment, dealing with water damage is overwhelming. There’s no room for error if mold growth and other structural complications are to be avoided. Before making decisions on what to do, its best to consult with a professional who has experience with water damaged buildings. Some leaks create enough water damage where an insurance claim turns out to be the best option to cover the cost of repairs. Others may be a simple task that won’t cost much at all, therefore eliminating the need for a claim. These decisions are made more accurately once all the facts are available. Because minutes matter, response time is immediate!

We Provide 24 Hour Water Extraction Services in Phoenix

Our water extraction crews are always ready to help you with your water removal needs. These water extraction crews are on call 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. No matter the time of day or night you can rest assured there will be a water extraction crew on call that will be at your door in 60 minutes or less (most situations) to remove your unwanted moisture. Proper water extraction ensures proper dry-times. It’s important to extract as much of the moisture from the affected flooring materials as quickly as possible to prevent flooring from becoming unsalvageable. Call now and have one of our 24 hr water removal crews immediately at your service.

Our water damage restoration professionals know that small leaks in a property will cause more damage if not mitigated correctly. Mold growth is usually the result of a water damage repair gone wrong. Structural damage can also be severe if water damage repairs are left incomplete or repaired incorrectly. For this reason, those dealing with water damage should seriously consider having a professional inspect the damage first before making decisions on what to do next.

What to do if you have water damage

Water damage can strike at anytime and in anyplace. If there’s a water supply source in your property, there’s the chance for a leak to happen. When your property floods, professional water damage repair is strongly recommended. There’re a number of factors to consider before trying to restore your damage on your own. Our restoration experts can help you with any type of water damage situation. We have you covered from the first inspection to the final repair. Don’t let mold removal be the service you end up needing.

What exactly does water damage restoration involve

Water damage restoration involves all the necessary steps required to return your water damaged property to its pre-damaged condition. There’re four basic steps in the restoration process: water extraction, air movement, de-humidification, and temperature control.

Why choose our Company for your water damage repairs?

Our dedication to making the water removal and restoration process as hassle free for you as possible is one of our main goals. We figure there is enough stress to deal with when confronted with a water damaged home or business. We have proper licensing, insurance, certifications, along with a positive reputation to make us a worthy choice for hire. We value customer satisfaction and work with the highest standards every time.

Property Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding from rain storms cause havoc to a home or business in just a few short moments. Proper preparation may prevent a water damage disaster from happening. But what if there wasn’t time to prepare? Or worse yet, what if the preparation wasn’t enough to hold back the rising waters? Is all lost? Can anything be salvaged after the flood waters subside? These are the type of questions that the flood restoration experts on our team can answer for you. Our company is more than qualified to aid you in picking up the pieces and putting everything back together. Let our experts help you carry the stress load associated with this type of loss. From pumping out the standing water to reconstructing the damaged materials, we have you covered.

What is flood damage? Flood damage is caused by water that comes from outside the property and has gone over the ground surface before going into the building. This water can be from a rising river or stream to an ocean surge or even from over irrigating. Flood restoration is different than water that comes from inside the property (unless it’s a sewage backup). These kind of water losses are categorized as a category 3 which are treated the same as a sewer back up. It is also referred to as “black water”.

Cleaning up after a flood requires the right equipment and a knowledge of category 3 restoration. The health of the occupants as well as those cleaning up these losses are at risk.

Call today if you have flood damage that needs restoring.